Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Last Warm Day.

As I write this, I am sitting on my deck, savoring what is predicted to be the last warm day we Kansans will have for the next couple of weeks. A massive cold front will move in tonight, bringing bitterly cold temperatures to many areas of the Midwest. Here, we will probably not receive any snow or ice. However, some western and northern states are bracing themselves for quite a storm.

It's time for all of us in this area to prepare for an early blast of winter. Storm windows will be closed tightly, garden hoses drained and coiled away, pumps will be winterized, plants brought inside.

This leaf is undecided. Summer or fall?

I worry more about my furry friends than about the windows or water pump. Our own animals will be well cared for, but I am concerned about a friendly little orange kitty who often visits. His owners do not seem to care for him, as he is nearly always outside and seems hungry when he stops by. He also appears to be starved for affection and will beg for pats and ear rubs before devouring the kibble we place in front of him. I'm glad he can find shelter beneath our deck, though it's tempting to invite the charming fellow inside.

Our friendly neighbor.

But just now the sky is a cloudless brilliant blue. The sunlight is glittering off the colorful leaves of oak, maple, and cottonwood as a warm breeze dances through from the south. I have plenty of housework and other chores to keep me busy inside, but I simply must take advantage of this shining day because, after all, dust keeps. Brilliant autumn days do not.

Our state tree, the cottonwood.