Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ready, Set, Go!

April 8, 2015

Yes, I AM ready! I haven't actually begun packing, but I have been sorting clothes and making lists of what to tuck into my suitcases. I have made a few purchases of last-minute items and I am planning another small shopping trip to pick up American gifts for my French friends. One more load of laundry will take of care of the rest of my clothing and then I will be ready to pack my bags.

Spring arrived with a vengeance here in the Midwest. It seemed that everything burst into bloom at the same time, which left me gasping for air as all that pollen hit my lungs! I have never been knocked flat by allergies this early in the season. I am only just beginning to feel a bit better and I hope that by Sunday I will be back to normal. Nothin's gonna stop me now!

Korean lilacs just beginning to bloom.

I haven't planted any spring annuals yet. That pleasure will have to wait until I return from France. My doctor has advised me to stay indoors as much as possible, though it's difficult when the weather is so lovely. Okay, I DID purchase one small six-pack of impatiens. I simply had to have a bit of cheerful color on the front porch. The lilacs are blooming and scenting the outdoors with their heady perfume. In the flowerbed out front, the columbines are showing lots of green and will be flowering soon. 

I had a moment of concern when I learned of the air traffic controller strike in France. However, it seems that my flight may not be affected by the strike. In just a few days I will set my feet on those familiar cobblestone streets. It will be wonderful to see my daughter again. I have missed her terribly and can hardly wait to spend days with her and Mathieu, enjoying all the delights that France has to offer.

Soon I will be enjoying more of these! Yum!