Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Stand With Paris

The terror and images of Friday, November 13, 2015 are etched in my mind. It has taken days for me to come to grips with it enough to be able to write a few words. I am so grateful that Darcy is safe. I am thankful that Mathieu and his family are all safe, too. I am relieved that the many friends and acquaintances I know in France are also safe and accounted for. My heart hurts over the horrible loss of life in Paris, and indeed in other parts of the world. Though I am filled with sadness, my heart swells with love and admiration for the French. Their resilience and spirit is astonishing. They will not allow acts of barbarism and terror to destroy their love of life. I will be returning to France in the spring, where I will join in the everyday celebration of life in one of the most magnificent places on earth. I could write a long post detailing my feelings and thoughts on the world situation, but instead, I choose to fill this page with some of my favorite photos of Paris. Vive la France!