Wednesday, March 4, 2015

In The Works

At last, plans are concrete! The anticipation is building. Our plane tickets have been purchased and hotel reservations have been finalized. Dreaming of a springtime visit to France helps me to get through these cold and dreary days of another winter in the Midwest. It has been the usual roller-coaster ride of freezing cold, bitter winds, sleet, and snow, interspersed with a day or two of delightful warmth. Kansans have been much more fortunate than people in others areas of the U.S. We have not had an ice storm or blizzard this winter. A recent storm dropped 5 inches of snow and another little storm last night brought us an inch or two more.

Pretty, but not very inviting.

I was a bit disappointed to find that airfare prices had not dropped at all. I didn't feel as if I should wait any longer, and am now restraining myself from taking another peek. We have our tickets, and that's what matters.

Craig and I continue to be very busy with the home remodeling and are thrilled that some of our projects are nearly complete. Our half bath is done. Well, almost. All that remains is to grout the tile backsplash. We have already started on the new guest room. The plumber will be arriving this week to install fixtures for the additional half bath which we are putting into the basement. That will definitely keep us occupied for a bit! It's amazing how much we have managed to fit into this small house. With five people living here now, we need to utilize every inch of space.

Darcy and Mathieu have been busy as well. They are nearly finished with their move and are gratefully settling into the new place and the new neighborhood. They have a guest room ready for us, which will be a special treat. Last year, I thoroughly enjoyed staying with them in their tiny apartment. They both made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Craig will now be able to enjoy their hospitality, too. Once we return from England, that is! I still can hardly believe that we will be visiting London and Bath. Darcy, Mathieu, and I will meet Craig in London, where we will spend only one night before traveling on to Bath. We are all looking forward to the excursion. Until then, we will carry on with home renovations and continue to dream of April in Paris.

Lavender, growing near the Seine.

April in Paris.