Monday, May 15, 2017


May 15, 2017

In less than three weeks, we will be on our way to France! It feels as if this trip has been a long time coming. Certain events have occurred in the past several weeks which have kept Craig and I very busy.

About six weeks ago, Craig's mother, Marjorie, broke her foot. And around that same time, my own mother, Ruby, fell and had to be hospitalized. Craig and I have been assisting Marjorie with errands, household chores, and doctor appointments. Meanwhile, a difficult and painful decision had to be made regarding Ruby. Even though one of my sisters had been living with and caring for mom, her needs accelerated beyond what Susan, or any of us, could provide.

Alzheimers is a tragic and devastating disease. My family was fortunate to find a good memory care facility staffed with sweet, caring nurses. Moving mom was terribly traumatizing to her, but thankfully, within just a few days Ruby began to adjust. It has been almost a month now, and mom is happy and well cared for. We are all able to sleep a bit better at night knowing that this sweet lady is in good hands.

Ruby in the garden.
Craig and I go up to visit several times a week. There is a lovely courtyard which Ruby enjoys spending time in. She sits beneath a shady gazebo, sipping coffee, while we tend to and plant flowers in the gardens there. Gardening was always a passion of hers, and she loves to look at the flowers.

The gazebo in the courtyard.

A view of one of the flowerbeds we are tending.
Mom loves birds, also, and we have hung a feeder outside her window. She laughs at the antics of the birds that fly in for a bite to eat. The cheerful house finches are a favorite.
We will have peace of mind while visiting France, knowing that Ruby is being well taken care of and that any emergencies which may arise will be deftly handled by her caregivers.

I created these memory pages for Mom's door.
This year, we will only be in Orléans for three weeks. Our twelve-year-old granddaughter is going to accompany us, and three weeks is about as long as her mother could bear to be apart from Janey. This trip is the fulfillment of a promise made by Janey's mom several years ago.

Janey is thrilled and a little bit nervous about such a long journey. She's looking forward to the sights, sounds, and tastes of France. And of course, she can hardly wait to spend time with Desmond!