Wednesday, June 25, 2014

An E.R. in France

Pages from Jan's Travel Journal: April 19, 2014

Ugh! All was not well when I awakened on Saturday morning. The souvenir from my Tours "trip" was still with me in the form of a very swollen and painful pied. Craig's flight was due into Paris and then he would have a train ride ahead of him, so I thought we had time to visit the emergency room before he arrived. Mathieu and Darcy drove me to the hospital and helped to explain to the staff what had happened to me the previous day. Mathieu remained in the waiting room when Darcy had to leave for the train station while my foot was being examined. I emerged from the hospital a couple of hours later, after five x-rays, with my foot heavily wrapped and my knees bandaged, holding a list of three prescriptions which Mathieu kindly picked up for me. I later found that the entire ER experience had only set me back about $60. Yet another reason to love France!

The doctor had informed me that the fall had bent the toes on my left foot completely backward, resulting in a painful injury often referred to as "turf toe", since it is common among football players. He said that I must keep the foot wrapped for ten days and that I should be able to walk on it if I wore a larger shoe. And it was okay, albeit very painful.

It was good to see my travel-weary husband after Mathieu and I returned from the hospital. Craig had been able to maneuver well in Paris and had managed to board the 11:00 train, as I had done. The birthday gift I had laughingly presented to him in March was apparently not needed. It was a cute idea, and he loved it anyway. I had given him a t-shirt with several handy French phrases printed on it. It said such things as "un taxi s'il vous plaît" and "Gare d'Austerlitz". On the back was printed a message that anyone finding this lost tourist, please return him to his daughter at such-and-such address. 

Craig's travel shirt, with all the important phrases.

Can you spot the cat graffiti? 

The four of us enjoyed a drink and a chat before setting out for the nearby Jackotel. Our room was ready, and it was large and pleasant. There was a pretty view of the front courtyard and the ancient church across the street. The hotel is just a few minutes walk from Darcy and Mathieu's apartment. 

The view from our window
 at Jackotel in Orleans, France.

We left the Jackotel shortly after checking in. It was such a beautiful day that we all wanted to be outside in the sunshine. Craig and I were both a bit concerned over our ability to walk long distances on this vacation. My foot would take some time to heal, and poor Craig was already fighting a bad knee. He had actually acquired a brace, so I knew that knee was really bothering him. We were both determined not to let our "disabilities" spoil any of the fun. A slower pace and frequent rests would help.

We decided to drive over to Auchan for some groceries. I was relieved to find that there was a scooter available for me to use while in the store. I managed to find some shoes that were larger than my usual size. They slipped on over my bandaged foot with ease. We ran into Arno while shopping, and arranged to meet him for drinks at his home the next day. 

The four of us went for a short walk after returning from Auchan. Craig was impressed with the recent improvements in the neighborhood where Darcy lives. It was a pleasant stroll, and we ended back at the apartment. Darcy had planned for us to all dine at home, since Craig was a bit tired from his travels. She made a wonderful meal of grilled salmon, brown rice, and roasted broccoli that we all enjoyed, plus another yummy dessert fondue which was a pleasant ending to evening.

Darcy fed us well. 
That salmon was delicious!

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