Monday, October 19, 2015

My Favorite Season

Today finds us back in the present. It's a lovely October day, sunny with a cool breeze. This morning, as is my habit, I went for a walk through the park near my home. The leaves are beginning to change. Squirrels are everywhere, gathering nuts for the winter.

Craig and I have recently been informed of an upcoming company trip we will be making in January. We will be spending over a week in the Caribbean, which will include two days in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and a week on the island of St. Martin. We will certainly have something to look forward to this winter! And then, of course, in April we will will once again be setting off for France.

At long last, we have finished the home renovations! It's such a relief! We have a small project left which will barely take a weekend to complete. We will be removing carpet from the stairway and replacing it with something else. It sure feels good to be able to relax a bit! We have been up to Kansas City to see family, and had a delightful time. It seems that as soon as school begins, there are many festivals, school events, and other activities. Before we have a chance to turn around twice, Darcy will be here for Christmas! We're disappointed that Mathieu will not be able to accompany her.

Craig and I with grandson Max at a scarecrow festival.

Last weekend was our local Fall Festival. It was a fun time for all of us as we indulged in fair food and carnival rides. We enjoyed a bit of browsing and shopping in the many craft booths there. The weather was lovely throughout the festival, which is unusual. Now, it's time to visit the pumpkin patch!

This is how granddaughter Janey kept her pumpkin safe
on the ride home last year.

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