Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ready, Set, Pack!

Anticipation. It adds to the overall enjoyment of an event, doesn't it? While I do like to be surprised on occasion, I find that anticipation is a much more enjoyable experience. Even as a child, I was one who never tried to get a peek at Christmas gifts before the day. Oh, I would gently shake the festively wrapped boxes and wonder what could be hidden inside, but I never tried to sneak one open.

I am in a state of anticipation now, over my upcoming vacation in France. Life has been very hectic here and I certainly feel the need for some R&R. I have already begun packing some of the items that Darcy has requested, plus a few surprises. I have a list of what I am going to pack for myself. I use the app "Packing Pro", which I find to be very helpful. I am trying to take as little as possible in order to make room for some of the items that Darcy had left behind in Kansas.

A serene view of the Loire in early spring.
Darcy and I have been making lists and plans and reservations. We both enjoy the planning stages and I believe that Craig and Mathieu are very happy to leave all of that to us. We will be spending a night in Briare at a bed and breakfast across from one of the locks on the canal. We will be treating ourselves and Mathieu's parents to a luncheon cruise on that canal. We also have plans to pay a visit to Guédelon, the castle under construction.

I know that while I am in Orléans without Craig, I will often be on my own. Darcy and Mathieu both have work obligations. I will be just fine, wandering around Orléans or hanging out at their place. I will do a little shopping and probably spend several hours at the beautiful botanical garden, Parc Floral, which is one of my favorite places. It will be full spring when I visit, which will be a first for me. Craig will fly out to join me toward the latter part of the month.

Wisteria blooming along the Loire.
I am enjoying the spring weather here in Kansas. The blooming plants are so lovely and I seem to have my allergies under control this time! I haven't done any planting yet, though I have plans to very soon. I have gotten a kick out of watching a woodpecker make a home in one of our cottonwood trees. He has been very busy for weeks, but at last the home seems to be complete. I assume that there is now a Mrs Woodpecker in residence, incubating some eggs. Time will tell. Happy Spring!

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