Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Sad Start to a Lovely Day

Pages From Jan's Travel Journal: Thursday, May 19, 2016

Craig's travel day! I'm always a bit nervous when loved ones are traveling, so imagine my shock when I awoke to news of the EgyptAir plane crash. That's not something you want to hear about. Ever. My heart was breaking for the victims and their loved ones. It was a sober way to begin the day.

Darcy was out the door early to work, so I had a lazy morning. I enjoyed coffee and cupcakes again for breakfast and then decided to finish shopping for baby clothes. I knew that after Craig arrived, we would be very busy and would not spend a lot of time browsing the shops. At Eurodif, there were many adorable things from which to choose and I made my selections, shopped a bit for myself, and then went over to Au Petit Duc for a pastry. I chose a lovely raspberry macaron and carried it home with the rest of my purchases. 

It was lunch time by then, so I heated the leftover bibimbap and enjoyed a tasty meal, with the raspberry macaron for dessert. I cleaned and straightened the house, and when Darcy arrived at 2:30, we walked over to the French Coffee Shop to meet Mathieu and Arno. The shop was crowded, as usual, but we were able to find a table outside in the sun. A cool breeze was blowing, which made us forget that we were susceptible to sunburn! We had a nice chat over our delicious coffee creations.

The leftover bibimpbap made a tasty lunch!

Peace, love, and great coffee!
We wandered together over to the stone shop and spent quite some time examining the unique and beautiful crystals there. Each one of us found at least one stone that we simply had to buy! From there, we decided to check out the new import shop. I don't recall the name of that delightful little place, but it was wonderful! It was packed with imported foods from America and several countries in Europe. The proprietor was very friendly, and offered us tasty samples of candy. Our favorite was an interesting layered truffle from Denmark which contained a surprising combination of flavors, such as raspberry, chocolate, licorice, and chili. We also bought some American Pop Rocks candy, which Arno had never before tried. He laughed and said it was like fireworks in his mouth! 

When we returned home, Darcy and Mathieu collaborated in creating a delightful pizza. Mathieu made his homemade pizza crust, while Darcy grilled some chicken. The other ingredients, such as onion, cream, honey, and Reblochon cheese came together beautifully and it was a delicious pizza! We ended with ice cream and a sitcom. It was another lovely day. 

This delightful pizza was put together by Darcy and Mathieu. 

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