Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Adventure in the Trees

Pages From Jan's Travel Journal: Wednesday, May 25 2016

I was glad we had awakened to beautiful weather. This was the day for the adventure in the trees, which everyone had been looking forward to. We woke up over coffee and then walked to the bakery for pastries with which to fortify ourselves. After that delightful breakfast and more coffee, we were on our way to Ile Charlemange.

What a wonderful way to begin the day!
 The Léo Parc Aventure is an amazing place for zip lining, climbing, and other activities carried out high in the trees. There were many courses to choose from for every age and ability. They even offer a small course for the little ones, who were simply adorable in their tiny helmets. After a short orientation film, Craig, Darcy, and Mathieu were clad in their harnesses and ready to climb! They selected a moderately difficult course. I was to remain on the ground and act as photographer. 

It was cool and shady on the forest floor, as I followed the progress of the adventurers. The first obstacle looked very difficult to me. Even Craig was a bit worried as he watched Darcy ascend a vertical rope tunnel. The course became a bit less strenuous after that first hard climb.

Darcy negotiates a vertical rope tunnel.
I was amazed at the planning and ingenuity that had gone into the creation of this incredible obstacle course. It was cleverly designed so that the climbers were quite safe, strapped into their harnesses and always attached to a cable by a heavy-duty carabiner. 

Craig and Mathieu, high in the trees. Those boards didn't remain
 still as they were walked upon,but instead popped up at an angle!
I was enjoying my job as photographer in the woods filled with birdsong. A pleasant breeze eddied through the trees and was just enough to cool us off. I got a kick out of watching a few groups of high-school students as they laughed and screamed their way around an adjacent course.

Darcy rides a kayak through the trees!

Darcy and Craig in the trees.
After Craig, Darcy, and Mathieu had completed their fun but strenuous activity, we all took a break at the little concession area where we enjoyed ice cream or a cold drink. Craig and I encouraged Darcy and Mathieu to go on another activity while we waited for them. They chose a zip line course which would have them zig-zag through the trees and even over the lake. We enjoyed watching them. 

Darcy zips through the trees at Leo Parc Aventure, Orleans Fr.

Darcy unhooking her line from the cable.

Everyone was tired after we finally left the park. They all agreed it had been a fun adventure. Craig was already talking about doing another course next year. We went home to relax for a while and then decided it would be a good evening to take Craig to Mont Fuji. It didn't take long to arrive at the restaurant and we were soon seated at a table with our delicious selections of Japanese treats heaped on our plates. My favorites were the sauteed fish, the spring rolls, and the cheese maki. Craig enjoyed a wide variety of foods from the buffet, and he kidded around with Mathieu when he saw his plate piled high with different types of sushi. Toward the end of the meal, Craig picked a piece of sushi off of Mathieu's plate and dunked it into the soy sauce before any of us could stop him. Imagine his expression when he realized it was a dessert sushi of rice, banana, and chocolate! We all had a good laugh over that! 

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