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Zip Lines and More!

Pages From Jan's Travel Journal: Saturday, June 17 2017

That morning, Craig and I walked the few steps to our local bakery where, as usual, we chose some delightful pastries to begin the day. I bought a beautiful pastry called a fraisier, which is made with delicate layers of sponge cake, creamy mousse filling, and fresh strawberries. 

As it was Saturday, the plan was to visit Acrobranche for an adventure in the trees. Janey had heard stories and seen photos from the previous year and she was eager for the experience. We were a bit concerned about whether our non-athletic granddaughter could handle herself in an aerial obstacle course. We explained just what she was letting herself in for, but she was determined. 

Craig helps his granddaughter prepare for
the adventure in the trees
We rode the bus to Ile de Charlemange. A friend of Desmond's accompanied the three of us. Melody had never attempted the course there, but had experienced the one near Paris, which we were not familiar with. I would act as photographer, following my little group of adventurers through the forest. After being fitted for their harnesses, everyone watched a safety video and then they were off! 

It starts with a mini training course.

Janey attacked the first obstacle
with determination.

Desmond and Craig, high in the trees.
Janey surprised us all with her enthusiasm and we were amazed at how quickly she picked up on the techniques of navigating the different obstacles. She was soon offering encouragement to others along the way. Melody, Craig, Des, and Janey completed the first course, after which Craig decided to stop. His hands were beginning to give out. We rested in the shade over a cold drink and were all surprised when Janey announced that she was ready to go again.

It takes a lot of concentration.

Janey navigates the rollers.

Just grab the cage and throw yourself in!

Des climbs a net to the next obstacle.
Melody, Janey, and Desmond set off once more, and when they had completed the next set of zip lines and other obstacles, Craig told them we would treat everyone to ice cream. It wasn't long after that when the trio enthusiastically set off for a third adventure on a more difficult course. The day had grown warm, though a cool breeze and lots of shade made it bearable. On one of the zip lines, Janey injured her finger. It hurt terribly, as she had nearly lost the fingernail, but she soldiered on. Craig and I weren't even aware of the injury until she had completed the entire course. We were very proud of her. It was a hot walk in full sun to the bus stop, where we had a long wait, but everyone agreed it had been a good day. 

Janey rode a kayak through the treetops!

Janey injured her hand on the zip line.

Des crosses on the wooden skulls. 

For dinner that evening, Des and Janey picked up kebab sandwiches and fries from a little shop on the square. We relaxed a while, and then began packing for our little mini-vacation to Amboise the next day. 

TRAVEL TIP: Don't forget your gloves if you are going zip-lining. 

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