Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Il Fait Chaud!!!

Pages From Jan's Travel Journal Thursday, June 22 2017

We were faced with yet another scorching hot day. Sleep had been difficult the night before, but we did have hopes of the weather cooling down soon. Desmond had some work to do in the morning hours, so we had little time to talk. He gulped down a protein shake and was out the door. Craig and I walked across the square to the bakery, where we chose our breakfast pastries. I selected a lovely lemon tart, which was eaten in front of the fan. 

At lunchtime, it was just too hot to consider walking anywhere. We whipped up scrambled eggs for lunch, and served them with fresh fruit and rustic bread. Then it was more sitting in front of the fan, catching up on email and reading for a while.

A dark, rustic bread. Delicious!
Desmond, Craig, and Janey decided that another dip in the Loire would be refreshing, but I chose to walk down to Carrefour to do a bit of grocery shopping. I ambled slowly down the street, grateful for the many shade trees overhanging the sidewalk.

Craig and Janey in the Loire.

As evening approached, we walked into town for drinks. We chose a table outside in the shade of a building on Rue de Borgogne. I enjoyed a refreshing Monaco while Janey gulped iced tea and the others sipped their beer. 

For our evening meal, we decided to go to Au Bureau, as we would have the benefit of air conditioning. Craig and Janey both ordered burgers, but Craig's choice was the more unique. Instead of a bun, the meat was sandwiched between two crisp hash brown patties and topped with a fried egg. Desmond chose a hearty salad that had meat and potatoes in it. I ordered the Welsh, which was essentially a bowl of melted cheese with a hunk of bread and some ham in it. It was accompanied by crisp fries and a salad. By the end of the meal, we were all dipping our fries into the cheese. This seemed to displease our waitress, who soon whisked away the remnants of our meals. 

An interesting burger at Au Bureau, Orleans France.

What a salad!
We strolled home slowly, still making use of our little misting fans. The four of us ended the day with a movie as we sat in front of the fan. 

A peaceful scene on the Loire.

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