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Coffee, Crepes, and Cider

Pages from Jan's Travel Journal: Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today, we had intended to visit Gien and it's renowned pottery factory, but since I awoke feeling a bit under the weather, we changed our plans. Darcy, Mathieu, and Megan went out for the morning. They returned around noon with a delicious poulet roti. Along with the chicken, we had some chips and cherries that I had purchased previously. I was feeling much better, so we left the hotel and walked over to the square near the cathedral where we stopped for coffee and hot chocolate at Autour de la Terre, the wonderfully eclectic place I mentioned in a previous post. Along with our hot drinks, we enjoyed dim sum - tiny cakes steamed in bamboo wrappers.

Autour de la Terre is a cozy place for coffee and a snack.

Another view of the interior at Autour de la Terre. 

Coffee, hot chocolate, and dim sum
 at Autout de la Terre, Orléans, France.

As we continued with our wandering, we simply had to introduce Megan to the delights of Leonidas, the fabulous Belgian chocolatier. Oh, that heavenly aroma when we walked into the shop! We spent some time sampling various delights, and we spent some money on treats such as fruit pates and, of course, chocolate! 

That evening, we met Mathieu's family for dinner at the Brettonne Creperie on the Rue de Borgogne. There was plenty of room for all of us at a long, rustic wooden table in the charming restaurant. Gallettes, crepes and sweet cider were enjoyed by all. My gallette (a savory crepe made with buckwheat flour) was a yummy combination of lardons, potatoes, onion, and gruyère cheese. For dessert, I enjoyed a caramel-orange crepe. It was wonderful to have a nice, long visit with Mathieu's family while we were dining. They are such sweet people, and I hope one day to be able to converse with them in French.

Mathieu's delightful parents, Muriel and Thierry.

After dinner, Darcy bid a tearful farewell to Mathieu's family. It was sad to see how heartbroken she was to be leaving. She is being pulled in two directions, and between two countries. 

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