Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Taking it Easy

Pages from Jan's Travel Journal: Monday, April 14, 2014

Another beautiful spring morning! We enjoyed coffee together before driving over to the university where Darcy is both a student and a lecturer. The three of us had a breakfast of pastries and more coffee at a little place near the campus beside a cheerful, bubbling fountain. I'm not sure what my little pastry was called, but it had a sweet cherry filling over a crumbly crust. The cafe creme I ordered to go with it was some of the best coffee I had ever tasted.

My beautiful, blue-eyed roommate, Azur.

When we arrived at Darcy's office, we were disappointed to find no one else there. I had been looking forward to meeting the other teachers about whom I had heard so much. After waiting around for a bit, Mathieu drove me back to town. Darcy had some work to do. Back at the apartment, we busied ourselves with chores and email until lunchtime. We chose to walk, on such a glorious day, to a brasserie near Mathieu's office. There, we both ordered the croque Monsieur, which was extra delicious with the addition of green bell pepper. A light salad and fries completed the meal.

An apartment for rent in this building... I'd love to see it!

A little flower shop in Orleans.

I walked slowly back to the apartment, window-shopping along the way. I was looking for a couple of specific items, but not in a hurry. As it was, I lingered a bit too long and was late starting the tomatoes roasting for supper. Darcy was planning to make tomato tarts for the evening meal, and I had promised to put the tomatoes into the oven. That evening, we enjoyed our supper of tomato tarts, along with a crusty baguette on which to spread duck mousse and pork rillettes. All of this was accompanied by three different kinds of cheese. We finished with a fantastic chocolate fondue for dessert. Life is sweet!

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