Saturday, May 24, 2014

A Picnic in the Park

Pages from Jan's Travel Journal:  April 16, 2014

I can't believe this weather! It's magnificent! This is what Spring is supposed to be like. Today I was able to go with Mathieu and Darcy to the university, where we met her colleagues and some of her students. One of the other teachers is from the northern coast of Ireland. She is petite and adorable and I love her accent. It was so nice to have a bit of time to converse with her. Another of Darcy's colleagues is a very sweet lady from Arkansas. We're practically neighbors! 

Seen at Parc Floral, Orléans.

Darcy was essentially working a split shift, and so as lunchtime neared, we picked up some sandwiches and headed over to Parc Floral. It was the perfect place to pass the time on such a lovely day. There were many flowers in bloom, and we had our picnic there. A bunch of peacocks wanted to join us! There was a large group of very young children there, apparently on a school field trip. They were fascinated with the peacocks, and were following the colorful birds as far as their chaperons would allow. We walked around a lot, visited the butterfly house, and enjoyed a hilarious game of miniature golf. 

An inquisitive peacock at Parc Floral. "What's for lunch?"

These trees are so cute! They look like something from a Dr. Seuss book.
Photographed at Parc Floral, Orléans, France.

Miniature golf at Parc Floral was fun.
This was one of the more challenging and hilarious holes.

That evening, we cooked together. I cooked honey pork with roasted potatoes, and Darcy made roasted broccoli, which is so tasty I could eat it nearly every day. We ended our day with a board game and raspberry macarons. Life is good!

A last look at Parc Floral.

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