Friday, October 24, 2014

Dinner on the Seine

Pages from Jan's Travel Journal: April 24, 2014

Craig, Darcy, and I had to be up very early in order to catch our train to Paris. We tried to be quiet as we trundled our cases down to the ground floor. The streets of Annecy were dark and silent. We weren't the only travelers, though. The train station was a bustling place, mainly due to a large group of students who were milling around excitedly. The train was blessedly quiet - no screaming babies this time - as it sped through the beautiful countryside. 

Paris was chilly, windy, and damp when we arrived. We checked into the hotel, which was an Ibis near the Parc de la Villette. I would love to visit the park one day. It has many unique and fascinating displays. The weather was just not conducive to a visit on that day. Mathieu arrived shortly, having taken a train up from Orléans. We walked through the cold mist-laden breeze to a Metro station and before long, we were in central Paris. The bouquinistes which line the Seine were nearby, but only a few of the stalls were open on this dreary, cold day.

The entrance to the Metro in Paris.

A warm restaurant and a bite of lunch sounded inviting. We sloshed along the avenues and soon ducked inside a small Chinese restaurant. The warmth was welcome and the restaurant was crowded. Our food was good, and relatively inexpensive for Paris. After lunch, we wandered about for a while, doing our best to enjoy Paris in the rain. Thankfully, it never poured; we were only slightly damp. 

We made our way toward Ile St. Louis, where we were determined to try the famous Berthillon ice cream. The blustery chill was not going to stop us! Before we reached the bridge, we noticed a small outlet for the delectable treat on a nearby corner. We ordered and then carried our treats down the steps to enjoy the ice cream in the shelter of the stone embankment along the Seine. Brrr! Oh, but it was worth it!

 Father and daughter chat while enjoying ice cream along the Seine.

Mathieu and I chose to stand near the wall
 where it was a bit warmer.

Later that evening, the four of us made our way over to the Eiffel Tower where we were to embark on our dinner cruise along the Seine. We arrived early, and entertained ourselves by watching boats float down the river. The wind had died down and the air seemed much warmer. Our boat arrived at last, and we thoroughly enjoyed the dinner, the cruise, and the company. My camera chose to give out a few minutes after we boarded, which will account for the shortage of photos. Even without pictures, I will never forget that pleasant evening Craig and I spent with Darcy and Mathieu in Paris. It was a lovely ending to a fabulous vacation.

 The boat has arrived for our dinner cruise on the Seine.

 Champagne? Of course!

Foie gras topped with fig jam and balsamic vinegar. 
And then my camera died.

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