Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fondue in the Savoie

Pages from Jan's Travel Journal: April 22, 2014.

Trying to take in as much of the beauty of Annecy as possible, we continued our walk in the late afternoon sunshine. One of the things that surprised me about this vacation was the fact that, even during this spring break, the crowds were not overwhelming. Annecy is a resort area, and a very popular one. Peak season had not yet arrived, for which we were grateful. Many people remarked on the incredible weather, as it was usually rainy at that time of the year. 

 A lovely canal view with the Alps in the distance.

 Craig and I pause for a photo. Annecy, France.

The three of us spent several more hours contentedly strolling through the beautiful cobblestone streets along the canals. We stepped into many shops and purchased souvenirs and gifts. A welcome break at a cafe gave us a chance to rest our feet while enjoying a fragrant caf√© creme.

Another interesting well. 
We often saw people filling containers at the many wells in town.

I never tired of the scenery in Annecy.

As the time drew near for our dinner reservation at Le Freti, we wandered back toward the restaurant and located it easily. Le Freti has been in operation since 1974, so we felt pretty confident that we would get a good meal there. I have since read some mixed reviews of the place, but many of them were complaints about there being too much cheese in the dishes. Ahem... it IS a fondue restaurant, after all. If cheese isn't your thing, you might want to go elsewhere.

Le Freti is in an old building and up one flight of stairs. We entered the warm, rustic room and were soon enveloped in the heavy aroma of melting cheese. The three of us all chose the same dish, which was a four-cheese fondue made with local cheeses and white wine. A huge pot of bubbling cheese was brought to our table, along with an enormous basket of bread cubes and a platter of charcuterie which we had ordered to accompany our meal. A cool and delicious local wine was the perfect beverage with which to enjoy the delightful meal that was set before us. It was a fun and lively feast, punctuated by lots of laughter.

I had never tasted authentic fondue. It was amazing!

A platter of charcuterie was a tasty accompaniment.

After that delicious fondue feast, we walked slowly back to the hotel, enjoying the balmy
evening air and the gorgeous views.

 Beautiful reflections on the water.

 This place looked inviting. Maybe next time,

A dinner cruise sets out on Lake Annecy.

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