Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Another Umbrella Day

Pages From Jan's Travel Journal: Wednesday, May 11 2016

I awoke at 7:15 to the sound of birds singing outside my window. The grey skies overhead did not deter them as they ushered in what would turn out to be another rainy day. I was not deterred, either. I was visiting my favorite place on earth and a little rain was not going to stop me! Darcy was still asleep, so I brewed a pot of coffee as quietly as possible, and took a steaming mug into my room. She awoke about an hour later, apologizing for having slept in. I was glad that she had gotten a little extra sleep; she had been working very hard.

We talked for quite a while. It was so nice to be able to do just that. A face-to-face chat with my youngest was a treat I don't often get to enjoy. FaceTime on the iPad is wonderful, but it can't beat that personal interaction! The hugs are nice, too. Darcy went over to the bakery and picked up a rustic almond croissant for me. I enjoyed it with another cup of coffee as we talked a while longer. 

An almond croissant from the bakery on the Place.
Later, we decided to go over to Halles Chatelet to have some keys made so that I would have my own set. We wandered around the stores for a bit and I enjoyed going in to Eureka, which always has such unique and interesting merchandise. After a while, we found a brasserie where we had lunch. We both chose the plat du jour of chicken in mustard sauce. It was served with a huge mound of mashed potatoes and the inevitable baguette. Darcy had to go to work after lunch, but I continued to wander around Orleans. A steady, light rain was falling, but as long as I had my umbrella, I didn't mind. Many stores had placed large buckets or tubs just inside the entrances, where shoppers could deposit their dripping umbrellas. I was pleased that I didn't once forget to pick up my own parapluie on the way out.

When I returned home, I was able to text with Craig for a while. Later, I realized that I had forgotten to pick up some coffee filters while I was shopping. The weather had cleared quite a bit and the sky was lighter than before, so I left my umbrella on its hook and began the walk to Carrefour. I had only gone a few blocks when the sky darkened and the rain began again! I put up the hood of my jacket and continued on to complete my errand.

Standing on the bridge, Pont George V, in Orleans Fr.
Darcy, Mathieu, and I all arrived home within about 15 minutes of one another. We had planned to go to the library, where a book talk by an American author was to take place. The chilly rain had increased in intensity and we decided that we just weren't in the mood. Instead, we watched television for a while and then, each of us armed with an umbrella, we walked over to the Rue de Borgogne for dinner at Chez Ming. The owner, Miranda, was very glad to see us and she even asked about Craig. We had a wonderful meal there, as always.

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