Thursday, June 23, 2016

Oh, That Salad!

Pages From Jan's Travel Journal: Friday, May 13 2016

Where did Thursday go? Oh, yes, I have skipped it because I was not feeling well. I didn't leave the apartment all day, except for a trip to the pharmacy. There was one highlight to the day, though, that I must mention. For supper that night, Darcy made a wonderful meal of crispy braised duck in an orange-ginger sauce. It was served with peas and fried purple potatoes. It was an extraordinary dish! I am going to try making it at home.

On Friday, I was feeling a bit better. I even went over to the nearby boulangerie where I purchased a lovely little raspberry tart to enjoy with my morning coffee. I then mostly lazed around the house until Darcy arrived home around 12:30. We walked over the bridge (580 steps, in case you were wondering!) and bought some little broccoli quiches and Orangina for our lunch. We found a shaded bench on the Place and thoroughly enjoyed our surroundings as we ate. I never seem to get enough of the lovely architecture. At this time of year, there were flowers brightening the scene everywhere. Large tubs of flowering plants were placed around every square and at both ends of the bridges. Every apartment building had window boxes and planters filled with bright blossoms of geraniums and other colorful plants. 

A lovely little raspberry tart.
Darcy took me to the Memphis Diner for dessert. It's a cute restaurant that's styled after a 1950s American diner. Even the food is imported from the states! I had a slice of oreo pie, which came with a large dollop of whipped cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. It was way more than I could eat! We then shopped for a while, popping into and out of many clothing stores, looking for a jacket for Darcy. It seems we were just a bit too late in the season for that sort of thing; our trip was unsuccessful. We took the tram home and then relaxed until dinner time, when Darcy and Mathieu concocted the most amazing salad. Mathieu started by making pressed chicken, while Darcy cooked some tiny potatoes and cut up the duck that was left from the night before. She also made a delicious homemade dressing.

This incredible salad was quite a treat!
Before the meal, we had apero. Darcy served me a cocktail that she had invented. It was made with peach liqueur, lemon juice, amaretto, and a hint of maple syrup. It was delicious! We nibbled on little cubes of cheese with our drinks, and we played a silly game using our phones. And then we sat down to those amazing salads! Fresh greens, pear tomatoes, roasted potatoes, crispy chicken and duck, everything drizzled with that fresh "French" dressing - it was truly the best salad I have ever eaten! We had a poppyseed baguette to go with it, and afterward, no one had room for dessert!

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